February Adventures

February was a roller coaster ride with many adventures.

Kicked off the month renewing my commitment to focus on my health and well-being. Mid-month brought many celebrations of my birthday….47 today looks very different than it did 47 years ago.

I do not own the rights to this picture of Bea Arthur as Maude in the 1970’s. It was sourced from Google Images.
Me celebrating my 47th birthday on Tybee Island, GA – Feb 2022

Semi-annual blood work confirmed what I knew in my heart…I have to take better care of me. I can delay diabetes but I have to make changes. With the number of people on both sides of my family tree who were/are diabetic as well as going through gestational diabetes myself, it seems like all I can do is delay it. I may not be able to fully prevent it. Doctor told me not to beat myself up. There has been so many family things that impacted us since July 2021. He said he was impressed that I had kept things close to where they were in August.

What has been my progress toward my goal? Well, I am sitting at 222 pounds as of this morning. I acknowledge it is not where I had hoped to be. I am proud of it though because while I was on vacation in Georgia, I did indulge in local cuisine. I am proud that even with that, I did not gain weight.

This is me. My first time being in the ocean.

My travel buddy took this picture of me experiencing the ocean for the first time. I am so glad this moment was captured for me. In that moment, I felt so humbled. Looking out at the horizon I felt connected to life in a way I never had before. Time felt like it stopped and eternal at the same time. I felt as if all the little things I worry about in every day life was passing through me and into the water. It was as if a voice was saying, “No matter what, I will continue to be here and wash this shore. Give me your burdens.” I felt a peace come over me that was so powerful.

March is beginning and I feel empowered to make the changes I want. I must acknowledge that 47 years of not so healthy eating and being mostly sedentary is not going to be easy to reverse. However, each day I get the choice of doing things differently. Each choice to eat less bread, eat more veggies and just move will add up. I am excited for this journey.

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