March brings Madness

How are we already on the last day of March? Where did the time go?

How was my journey to Self-care during the month of March? Well, it was not as dedicated as I would have liked. It started with an intruder on our property and dealing with all that. Moved on to finding a new car which took more time than I would have liked but we found one. Weather doing all kinds of crazy ups and downs prevented outdoor activity when I had time. Ate too much take-out food due to all the craziness leaving hardly time to cook.

However, I Did Not Give Up! I still squeezed in walking, pedaling or housework, when I could, to keep my body moving. By the end of the month I was able to get in to the gym a few times and even attended my first exercise class which I enjoyed. Me, the kid who did not enjoy gym class. Me, the kid with asthma. Me, the kid who took nearly 17 minutes to complete the mile whenever we had to do the damn fitness tests. That me was 30+ years ago. Now I can say: Me, the woman who is going to make changes; Me, the woman who is not going to let diabetes win; Me, the woman who wants to enjoy the second half of her life with decent health.

My stated weight loss goal in January was to shoot for 1 pound a week. I have not hit that goal yet. I have lost 2 pounds since February though. I will take that as a win.

ME after first exercise class. It felt good to get through it.
ME getting some movement in through pedaling when I wake up.

Here’s to April bringing better weather and yard work. Here’s to growing some of my own veggies this year. Here’s to my continued journey to Self-Care.

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