Journey Week 2

Detours make for a winding road

This week started with the first unexpected detour. Sunday evening, while driving home, a tire blew. My daughter and I were two miles from home. AAA had a 5 hour wait which would have kept us in the cold until 1 am. We were in our 1977 Ford LTD. If you don’t know, it is big and heavy. This was also 3 days after getting 6 inches of snow and ice. Conditions were not ideal. I looked at her and said, “Well, let’s see if we can beat AAA.” I am happy to say that we did indeed beat AAA and were home a little after 8 pm. It was a work out with jacking up the car on an original stick jack and hefting the large heavy tires. While I did work up a sweat and we a little sore, I was feeling pretty good about it all.

Monday was a very busy work day and with the exertion from the night before, I did not do my intended morning routine of pedaling. I was really tired and started my work day at 5:00 am. Thankfully working from home has the advantage of being in jammies. After I finished the bulk of my morning tasks, I told me boss I really needed to get more sleep in order to perform at my best.

Tuesday was my bowling league night. This time on the lanes for me is far more than simply bowling. I consider it a form of therapy and self care. I feel connected to my father whom I lost when I was 13 years old. This sport changed my daughter’s life by helping her develop her social skills and grow her own self-esteem. It brings me peace to be in a bowling center.

The remaining days were busy with many tasks and not much in the way of exercise. Normally, I would berate myself for this. I listened to my body though. I slept when I was tired and didn’t feel guilt over it. I spent time reading and watching TV with the family.

Saturday brought another detour in the form of another tire blowing out. I could not believe our luck. Weather conditions were better and we just decided to take care of it without even reaching out to AAA. While we were changing the tire I heard words that made my heart glow. My daughter said, “I admire your ability to take care of this. You are so smart and strong.” This….this is all I need to know. This is the message I need to play over and over in my head. This is the message I need to leverage when I begin to feel useless, powerless, weak and unworthy.

Status update on weight loss: I am losing weight. I am down to 221. This is on target with my goal.

Until next week, remember that detours can be frustrating but can lead to a different route that you thought of before. My detours this week brought the most amazing message to me by my daughter.

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