April Showers / May Flowers….

How is it May already?

Feeling like a complete slacker with my blog. However, in the mindset of self-care I need to take a few steps back and remind myself why writing wasn’t made more of a priority for the last little bit. Telling my nagging, abusive mental voice to shove it is a way to take care of me. How many times have I let that nasty voice completely tear me down? How many times in my life has that nasty voice made things feel so much heavier than they really were? How many times has that nasty voice talked me into staying in a bad situation because ‘who do you think you are?’; ‘You can’t do better than this. Are you crazy?’; ‘You are lazy and stupid.’; etc. Well, this year I said NO MORE to that nasty voice. Oh she still tried her shenanigans. She still harps when I am feeling low or stressed or overwhelmed. However, I have taken her power away to completely immobilize me.

Staying grounded in my personal reality and not trapped in my head is taking care of me. So, let’s take a look at the reality of the last few weeks. I continued to bowl and have fun every single Tuesday. I joined a fitness class at my gym and attended 4 sessions before an injury had me pause for a couple weeks. I really enjoy the class so looking forward to going back very soon. I have been in a financially healthy place to plan some truly amazing bucket list events for my family and me. I have a full time time that I do love and while it has been extremely busy and at times challenging to complete things on time, I am fortunate that I have my job while so many don’t. I made time to meet with friends and just enjoy their company. I have made 8-9 hours of sleep nightly a priority.

How am I doing overall with my physical well being? Well, I lost another 2 pounds. It may not be a pound a week but I am moving in the right direction. I am being careful with what I eat without obsessing. I have been coping with an injury that makes me cranky and slows down my progress but I obtained it by being overly aggressive….not smart.

I am still on my journey. I need to remember that important distinction….it is a journey. I am making changes that are helping me be a better and healthier me. I am doing it my way.

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