Journey to Self-Love


Today I am declaring as the first day of a journey that is long overdue. I am worthy of loving myself. I deserve to give myself unconditional love.

What brought me here? Some of the things I discussed last year in a mini series called Dominoes. I am about to celebrate my 47th birthday. I have grown in so many ways over all these years. Some of the most significant growth has been since I turned 40.

I have healed some old wounds that I carried since childhood. I have healed some wounds that were self-inflicted by choices I made as a teen. Through all the work I have done so far, I have not tackled the one that recently became very apparent to me. While I have loved myself enough to not stay wounded, I have not loved myself as much as I have others.

I think many people can relate to what I am talking about. My inner voice is one of the loudest critics of me. There are things I have said to myself that I would never dare say to another person. Why do I allow this inner critic to tear me down? For years I believed that is how a person gets stronger; meets tough challenges; survives what criticism from others. This is so wrong.

I have made progress with my mental health over the years. Now it is time to focus on the physical. This journey will have ups and downs, triumphs and setbacks. I have allowed myself to beat up on my body with unhealthy eating and a sedentary life. I have made excuses. The time has come to stop.

I want to live to be an old woman who can still enjoy life. I am putting my physical goals out there to make them real. My 2022 blog will be about this journey and will contain updates on my progress. Journeys should have some type of a roadmap so here is mine.

This is my starting position: 223 pounds; 17 inch neck; 45.5 inch waist

My target ending position: 170 pounds; 15 inch neck; 35 inch waist

Start Date: 1.30.2022 End Date: 1.30.2023

My How: I will lose at least 1 pound every week by getting at least 30 minutes of movement in every day.

My accountability: This blog. Facebook posts.

My Why: I do not want to live with diabetes. I do not want to live with heart disease.

I hope sharing my journey will help not only me but others like me. To my fellow Gen X peers, we survived to middle age. Now lets kick butt and thrive into future.

1.30.2022 17 inch neck
1.30.2022 45.5 inch waist

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