Back to Reality…Why?

Today is the last day of my time off from work….at least my full time paying job. Tomorrow I go “back to reality”. Why do we say that? Why isn’t our reality the time we spend away from the job that pays us?

This last week has not been a dream. A dream would have been going somewhere warm and relaxing. Monday I had to go to ER with daughter for a burn she sustained on her hand…borderline second degree. That was not part of any dream I have. Tuesday was filled with errands I haven’t completed in many, many weeks. Ok, so that is kind of completing a dream. Wednesday was follow up to ER visit…hand healing as expected no permanent damage. Wednesday also included the yearly trip to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for car tag renewal with the added bonus of renewing my driver’s license. Thursday was a low key, relaxing day after hearing about major changes happening at job. Friday was spending the afternoon replacing my husband’s hearse…yes it is his daily driver….yes I am sure that seems odd….but that is his dream and reality.

All of these things are part of reality, so why can’t I say when I leave work…”well, back to reality” and mean the life that I am earning money to live? I think I will. What a shift in mindset that would be…”See you tomorrow boss. I am going back to reality and will see you in the morning.” How might this shift in thinking change my behavior? I am not sure but I think I will start saying it.

If I truly want to appreciate and respect my life, I want to acknowledge that everything I am working and earning money to do is my reality. My reality is my family, my home, and being me…and I’m taking it back!

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